Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wheeler Farm Fun with Nana

We were very excited to pick up Nana from the airport today! She's staying & playing with us for the rest of the week. We took advantage of this beautiful weather & went to Wheeler Farm. They have every farm animal imaginable, plus some. We climbed some trees, played in little farm houses & strolled around the ponds as well. This was such a fun place, not to mention the bonus price of free!
We have many more fun outings planned with Nana this week.

I don't know who was more nervous... Nana or Kate?!
Good Buddies

Having a good ole' time

Saturday, April 26, 2008

"I Love to See the Temple"

Today I attended our all day stake youth excursion at Temple Square. We had over 150 youth & 35 leaders touring the beautiful grounds. We learned amazing facts & the symbolism about the Salt Lake Temple. We also toured the Church History Museum, strolled through the Visitor Center, Tabernacle & Assembly Hall, watched the Joseph Smith movie in the Legacy Center & ended with a heart warming testimony meeting. I must say we have some "steadfast & immovable" youth here in Lehi. I love serving in the young woman's program. I love learning about the sacrifices others have made because of their faithfulness. I love that spring is finally here with all its beauty. I love to see the temple.

Beautiful Salt Lake Temple

Three of my young women... they are all hilarious.
Aren't these tulips lovely? I could stare at them all day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sugar House Park

This is just one of the beautiful parks this state has to offer... Sugar House! The weather was gorgeous today so we grabbed a bag of bread, a blanket & the camera. We picked up Natalie on the way & enjoyed ourselves by the pond. We feed the ducks, Kate chased the pigeons, Chan put EVERYTHING in his mouth & don't forget my personal favorite... people watching.

Aren't those mountains fabulous?!

What did he find this time?

Who's the pigeon here?

Look at that technique!

Picking out their personal favorites.

More "Sugar" to come... we just loved this place!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who needs a puppy when...

This weekend Kate & I took care of our neighbors' dog Tilly(or T T) while they were out of town. In doing so, Tilly reminded me of all the "puppy things" Chandler does.

He gets around on all on 4's

He sits for a few minutes

Or just chills around the house

He does all sorts of tricks

He pants & slobbers

He chews on shoes & squeaky toys

He begs for food

And he's a man's best friend.

So we don't need a puppy... we have Chandler!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Last night was our first of many nights to come to watch SLC's Triple- A baseball team... THE BEES! We purchased lawn seats with Natalie & Josh, had a picnic, enjoyed the weather, played in the grass, rode the kid train, jumped in the bouncer, laughed & cheered them on to victory. Afterwards, we hit Icebergs for malts & shakes. It was such a fun night!

High 5 with Bumble!

Future Bee's pitcher

Kate & "Nan"

Yummy treats at Icebergs!

Beautiful Weather = The Park

We hit Lehi Park twice this week since the weather was in the low 70's on Monday & Friday(we won't mention the temp. from the middle of the week). Kate has turned into a little monkey... which made me a little nervous & Chandler just loved to be outside.
"Watch me mommy", is the only thing she could say

Chan basking in the sun


Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday: Dinner at Pei Wei with the Taylor's. Kate was excited to share her Lo Mein noodles with her little buddy Wyatt (or what Kate calls him Y Y).
Saturday: I woke up with a head cold. Steve & Kate had a daddy daughter date at the movies & saw, Horton Hears a Who that afternoon. Chan & I stayed home to do last minute stuff for the baby shower I helped give my friend Natalie.
(Kate had every treat imaginable in her bag for the movies.)
Sunday: My head cold got worse. Steve took both kids to church while I slept the afternoon & evening away. He even scrunched Kate's hair & put mousse in it... way to go Steve!
Monday morning: The head cold has almost gone away, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping... I think Spring is finally here this week!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cookie Monster!

Today Kate helped me make & eat M & M / Chocolate Chip cookies with the left over M & M's from Easter!
She is a big fan of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Probably because he's always stuffing one of her favorite treats in his mouth. When she was admiring the plate of cookies, she pointed to them & said, this "A" cookie, this "E" cookie, this "T" cookie. She informed me that I was eating a "C" cookie. I guess she thinks all cookies should have letters on them, just like the ones on Sesame Street... or she's just one smart cookie!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Conference Treat!

My sister in law Christie called me last night at 11:30 to ask if I wanted to go to this mornings Conference session. They had one extra ticket & I was the lucky gal to get it! They were especially AWESOME seats since her dad is a member of the Seventy. It was such a wonderful & spiritual experience to be amongst & sustain our new prophet, Thomas S. Monson and his apostles. Afterwards, I was privileged to have lunch with Christie & Alan (Steve's brother), her siblings & parents in the church office buildings. (And lets not forget seeing/hugging Jodi-Pop in the parking garage mixed in with the 1000's of people)!
After Steve dropped me off this morning, he took the kids to the zoo to pass the time before coming back to pick me up. Sorry, no pictures with the elephants & giraffes, but it sounds like they had a great time too.
At 4:00pm the kids & I dropped off Steve at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. He met up with his brother, Alan & Alan's father & brother in laws to have dinner & attend the Priesthood session at the Conference Center as well. Steve & I have had such a memorable day...thank you Alan & Christie for being so thoughtful. Just one of the perks of having loving family members & living in Utah.
I forgot my camera this morning when I went, but hurried & snapped these from the car while dropping off Steve. Not the best, but you get the idea.

This picture is for my sisters' & Aimee... can you say "Weeeeeeeee" with your hands raised above your head? I know Kate & I did!

Friday Fun!

The kids & I went to our ward play group on Friday. We met at a beautiful home(until it warms up) & everyone brought something to share for lunch. Kate had such a fun time with all of her nursery friends playing babies, kitchen & princesses. Chandler motored himself around, between & on top of everyone... while I enjoyed chatting with new & old friends from the ward.
Afterwards, we went to South Town Mall to play at their play land and purchase some new summer flip flops ( I do know they will be worn at least one week this summer when we go to AZ).
Lastly, we went home to have a snack, make dinner & anxiously wait for Steve to get home.
She gets so excited to slide by herself!
Chan just waking up from a nap while Kate was playing.

Kate did a great job picking out all four pairs. You can't beat Children's Place; 2 for 5 bucks!

No, she's not a mad scientist or didn't grow a beard! This is what she looks like when she eats chocolate pudding at snack time.