Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Isn't It Lovely?

Everything she does with her hands is just beautiful... from the packaging, to her hand writing and of course her incredible jewelry creations. Who, you might ask? Angela Henrie!
I was chosen from a hat for her Angela Henrie Minis contest last week, just for leaving a comment on her blog. OK, maybe I left a few comments, but I really wanted to win something of hers for Kate... and I did! Lucky ME! We just got it in the mail today and Kate's eyes lit up when I told her it was hers.
Check out her blog of Minis for your daughters, nieces & friends (this wasn't the last giveaway either). Don't forget to check out her women's jewelry as well... they're just beautiful!
Thank you Angela... WE LOVE IT!
The package.

Here she is!

Up close and personal.

Isn't it lovely?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Outdoor Weekend!

This past weekend we all enjoyed the beauty of Utah. Steve & his dad went on an 15 hour fishing trip were they hiked in three miles to the lake. Both were successful in their limit of four trout each.
Steve's mom Jules, the kids & I ventured out at Snowbird & rode on some of the rides... well some of us did! Kate and I rode the Alpine Slide a couple of times. My favorite part was hearing Kate giggle the entire way down (sorry no pictures). I also rode the zip line for one last thrill.
While admiring Snowbird's amazing scenery you could also ride a tram, take beautiful hiking trails, climb the rock walls, rent scooter, bikes and ATV's, kids can jump in the bouncers, and if you are spending the night, swim in their aquamarine swimming pools. We LOVED Snowbird... hope to go back soon!

The Lake

Dave & Steve with all their gear.

Fishing from the log.

Steve's fish that he caught.

Riding the ski lift

Waving to the kids... notice the rock wall on the side of the hotel building.

Floating away!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Pioneer Children Sweat as They Ran"!

Our Pioneer Day started off early in the morning with the "10K Pioneer Classic" I've been training for. It was a beautiful & sweaty 6 miles. Happy to say that it is over! I'll have to admit, I am a little sore & have a lot more training for my 1/2 marathon in August... wish me luck!
After Steve got home from work, we met Papa & Nana Curtis & some cousins at the Murray City Park for a steak BBQ & all the fixings. Papa brought all of his toys that he makes for a fun filled evening. It's always nice to be with family and loved ones.
The shoes that made it all possible... thanks Dad!

Post race picture with the kids.

One small injury.

Papa Curtis & Chan enjoying the park.

Kate & Steve with Papa's sock rockets. (Steve bragged for 10 minutes how he had the furthest distance in these sock rockets. I told him to stand back and watch. My first throw I tied him. We had a throw off and I beat his record by 10 feet... no competition!)

Kate "trying" to launch a parachute. Look at her technique.

Papa's homemade parachutes & launcher!

Throwing grass in their hair!

Aren't cousins so much fun?... Kate & Catherine!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Float Festival

We hit the "Days of '47 Float Preview Party" with the MacFarlane cousins, held at the Sandy Expo Center. We admired all the floats that are going to be in the SLC Pioneer Day Parade... voted on our favorite one and turned in our ballots! Very official here in UT. Afterwards we hit up Chick-fil-a & Target for some more cousin bonding time! Thanks Anna for the invite!

Johnny, Maggie & Kate... didn't know how to control all of their excitement!

Kate's personal fav... surprise, surprise!

Noah's Ark came in a close second for her.

Anna and I both LOVED the seagulls having a BBQ picnic with the crickets. The grill blew smoke out, the jello wiggled & the rotisserie even spun around!

Just thought this one was creative as well... loved the foam hair.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long, but FUN week!

Steve and I had a full week and weekend... 10K training, youth conference, company in town, preparing & giving talks for church & having two energetic kids, we are both pooped!
Thank you Dave, Jules and Shanda for watching our kids while we attended Y.C. We were sad to see Shanda leave so soon, but she will be back shortly for some more fun!

Kate's new present from her Auntie... Princess p.j.'s and turquoise nail polish.
Kate noticed Shanda's turquoise and white argyle toes from the minute we picked her up from the airport. She wouldn't let it rest that she wanted "blue" toes too. Morning, noon and night she repeated herself over and over, "I want blue"! Well Auntie gave in or couldn't take it anymore and they headed to the local Target. Lets just say we had one happy little girl!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Boy!

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blond hair, blue eyed boy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fourth in Park City!

Our Fourth of July weekend was spent in Park City with lots of food, family & fun! We also stayed up late to play games, grill on the BBQ & enjoy the view of the entire city. Thank you Alan & Christie for the hospitality & for making it all happen!
The traditional flag cake!

Most of the Curtis Clan
Park City parade with Nana.

Mr. Fourth of July!

Jumping all day with the cousins.

Pre fireworks show with the family... sparklers galore!

We watched the fireworks from the balcony of the house... this was our view! LOVELY!

Having fun with cousin Grace at the park in Midway.

Miss Messy eating Granny's ice cream with all the cousins after the park!

Bubble bath to get all the ice cream off!

Before grilling... don't they look beautiful?!

After grilling! They didn't last long.

Kate enjoying the Park City Rec Center with her cousins.

Chandler chilling on the pool side with his momma.

Weeeeee... Kate went down this slide at least two dozen times.

We went to do the zip line and slide at Olympic Park... while we were there we watched the freestyle jumpers practice! Very FUN!!

Fourth of July family photo!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lehi Round Up!

Last week Lehi had its annual "Round Up". For an entire week they have BBQ's, carnivals, parades, poetry readings, contests of all sorts, and nightly rodeos. The kids & I hit up some of the fun.

Kate managed to collect a few pieces of taffy from the parade. Chandler enjoyed all the horses.

Kate waved at every person who went by in the parade.

Chan was bound & determined to get a taste of the taffy.

Kate in the blow up bouncer at the carnival.

Kate posing with a butterfly mural on her face