Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Party Camp Out!

We celebrated Steve's birthday at Granite Flats in the American Fork Canyon... camping! The kids & I got Steve a tent for his birthday and decided this would be a fun, but challenging (with two small kids) time to use it! We picked out a perfect spot next to the mountain, plopped our tent down & set up camp for 30 hours. Our time was spent by taking walks by the stream, relaxing by the campfire, gorging ourselves with junk food (including birthday cake), meeting new friends & watching Kate fall in the dirt umpteen times. We had such a fun time together laughing & celebrating Steve's special day!
Steve & Chandler with the new tent.

Being "three" with nature.

Chandler hanging out in his pack-n-play. Kate keeping busy with bubbles.

Kate stuffing her face with Cheetos & Chan wishing he could have some.

Feeding Chan... camping style.

Enjoying our yummy tin foil dinners & roasted corn on the cob.

The birthday boy blowing out his candles!

Staying warm by the fire.

Good morning sleepy heads... they slept until 8am!

Steve & Kate by Tibble Fork Reservoir.

Yes, this is what her face looked like 90% of the time!

Kate loved to throw rocks in this beautiful stream.
The botanist in the family.

One dirty, but happy family!

Friday, June 27, 2008

They Say It's My Birthday!

It's my 29th Birthday and we are doing what to celebrate?!
Happy Birthday Steve... we love you!

Details of celebration to come!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday fun at Liberty!

Today we spent the entire afternoon at Liberty Park (the park where Charly and Savanna Smiles was filmed). Liberty is wonderful... full of park toys, water pads & streams with a wadding pool, a duck pond, tennis courts, sand volleyball, a carousel, a farris wheel & walking/jogging paths galore. Not to mention the smell of hot dogs grilling & the sound of the candy man making his rounds. We all had a blast & got a few more freckles from the sun. We will definitely be returning to Liberty a lot more this summer.

Running through the water tunnel.

Loving the water!

Steve & the kids staying cool in the shade.

Kate & her new friend... playing cooking in the pretend house.

Being silly with daddy's hat.

Why does my mom make me wear this thing?

Enjoying snow cones by the streams.

Wading in one of the seven streams that flow into a pool of water. Refreshing!

After Liberty we had dinner at Ruth's Diner in Emigration Canyon. We ate Ruth's delicious food outside on the patio & enjoyed the amazing scenery of the canyon! Basically a win, win place to eat.

Reception Night in SLC

Thursday I attended my cousin Britnee's sealing in the SLC Temple. That night we all went to the reception at the Lion House in downtown SL. It was outside in the garden and boy was it beautiful. There were flowers everywhere, the weather was just perfect, the food was divine and the family members kept us laughing all night. Kate had fun running around with all her Gale cousins, while Chan was held by just about everyone. It is always fun to be around extended family and make new memories.

Kate wouldn't leave this flower alone all night... it even looks like she's eating it?!

Chandler & his new trick... walking with the help from daddy.

Kate with some of her Gale cousins.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The letter of the day...S!

Today started out super... then ended stressful. Not to mention sad! The kids & I drove to Sandy, to tour the Living Planet Aquarium. We saw all sorts of sea life (string rays, jelly fish, sharks, lobsters, sea horses, eels, octopus, crabs, star fish...) Kate really enjoyed herself. Saying "wow" every time she turned around. Chan & I agreed that we don't need to go back until he is six (too pricey, stuffy inside & we would of loved to see more... so too short)!
Afterwards, we came home to have an "potter pop" & make dinner. When Steve came home at six-thirty we were ready to eat. He went to wash up when we heard a shrill from the hallway. Kate had taken the steak knife I used to make dinner off from the counter & stabbed herself in the calf. Steve immediately applied pressure on it, while I raced to call our home teacher. He's an orthopedic surgeon! After examining it, he said she would need a couple stitches, but was afraid she wouldn't let him do it! Steve said we have starry strips & super glue from the week before (that story is coming). He said that would work too. Owen sterilized the wound & then super glued it shut.
While we were in AZ, Kate was playing under a coffee table. She pushed the glass up with her feet & the glass shifted. The corner of the glass stabbed her above her right eyebrow. Uncle Alan acted quickly... applied the pressure & then starry striped her eye brow as well!
We are grateful for Uncle Alan & Owen in helping Miss Kate with her wounds. Hopefully Kate will feel better in the morning. Poor girl!

Kate with all the fish.

Chan just chilling in the stroller.

Can we say... Cheese!

This isn't the best picture, but I love that Kate has her hands on her hips & Chan could care less about what's going on.

Here is her calf bandaged up!

This is the scab from last weeks incident!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who doesn't like "Potter Pops"?

Otter Pops brings back such fond memories of my childhood. We ate these icy treats all day long... just as long as my mom didn't find any wrappers on the floor or the half inch plastic that you snip off from the top left on the counter. We even had a sticky pair of scissors in the utensil drawer just for the Otter Pops.
It's no wonder why this funny little girl asks for a "Potter Pop" for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Plus for a snack in between! Since we hit a whopping 95 degrees today... we each had a couple of "Potter Pops" to keep us cool outside. Kate usually requests for a "pink" (Strawberry Short Kook) or "blue" (Louie Bloo Raspberry) one. Chandler could care less what flavor he gets... just as long as he's not left out! My first pick is always a Sir Isaac Lime! What flavor of "Potter Pop" do you like best?

Kate loves to let it all melt so she can drink the sugar, I mean juice!

Chan can't let go of his duckie long enough to enjoy what's inside the plastic. Or it just feels good on his gums.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Shout Out to our Dads!

Happy Fathers Day to the best dads ever!

Thank you Steve for being so patient, loving, entertaining, tender & dedicated to our children!

Thank you Dad for being so funny, harworking, kind, encouraging & trustworthy for the past 30 years!

Thank you Dad Curtis for being so friendly, warm hearted, loyal, outgoing & creative!

We love you guys!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Time to Say Goodbye"

Papa & Grandma Stevens stayed with us for a few days after dropping Lacey off at the MTC. We had fun doing some "Lehi" & Utah activities. However, this was the only activity that we documented... Thanksgiving Pointe Farm.
We have been around them for almost three weeks and have loved every minute of it!
Thank you for the great time & for being so generous... we love and miss you already!

Kate & Papa Stevens posing by the horse.

Future Miss Lehi... she already has the wave down.

Waiting patiently for another ride.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Farewell to Hermana Stevens

Lacey entered the MTC today! Steve & I went with my parents to give her one last hug & say, " adios hermana". The first sister she met was going to her same mission, Washington DC North. Maybe, Sister Mills will be Lacey's companion. The Elder sitting next to us at the meeting is from Washington DC North & going to serve in Mesa, Arizona. They are basically flip-flopping places... so the fathers flip-flopped business cards. Lacey had her first official missionary duty by giving the closing prayer at the missionary/ family meeting. She did such a great job!
We are excited to get our first email from her... we know she is going to be a wonderful missionary!

Just received her "celestial dot"!

Mom, Hermana Stevens & Dad

Hermana Stevens & I.

Entering the MTC doors.

All of us at the "famous" MTC sign!

Meet Gunner Christopher...

While in Arizona, I became a new Auntie...
Gunner Christopher Stevens
June 5, 2008
7 lbs. 8 oz.
20 inches long
Proud parents: Ty & MJ
Big Brother: Brodie

We love you baby Gunner!