Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving DAY!

Today we are THANKFUL for...
all family, traditions, great cooking, fine china, lazy days, cell phones(to call family in AZ), happiness, loving people, cousins, fun games, yummy food, utensils, the oven, nice weather, friendships & new memories.
The MacFarlane Clan

My half eaten plate.

Kate with the girl cousins... Bella, Mary & Maggie.

Chan taking it easy.

Crafts with the cousins.

Chandler reeling it in.

Kate catching a big one!

"Do you want pie?"

The dessert bar

Thanksgiving 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Week- Day 3

Today we are THANKFUL for...
good health, the vacuum, time off work, toy animals, our freedom, yogurt, friendly customer service, our camera, laughter, Tylenol, no snow, family drives, measuring cups, paying tithing, tubby time w/ daddy & great neighbors.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Week- Day 2

Today we are THANKFUL for...
our beds, shoes, washer & dryer, Smith's Market Place, jackets, blankies, fruit snacks, phone calls from family members, preschool teachers, baby wipes, waffles w/ syrup, honest people, electricity, the dishwasher, apple juice & church callings.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Week- Day 1

Today we are THANKFUL for...
Steve's job, toothbrushes, happy kids, carpet cleaners, Tinkerbell jammies, $1.69-gallon gas, whole milk, the library, nap time, lip gloss, warm clothes, clean diapers, Max & Ruby, banana's, coloring pictures & a warm house.

Monday, November 17, 2008


We shared a long bench seat with an older couple in our ward at church. Chandler went up to the lady & put his arms out for her to pick him up (something he does frequently). She picked him up, gave him a squeeze & started to rock him back & forth. Kate turned to me with a puzzled look on her face & said, "Is that Chan's Gramma?" Today she is!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Daily Quotes from Kate...

1. Every morning Monday through Friday: "Mom, where's dad?" He's at work. "Oh, I miss him!"
2. "Mom, I need that." No you don't. "But I do's!"
3. "My tummy hurts, I hungry... see." (as she lifts up her shirt)
4. "Mom, have you seen my golly(dolly), I wost(lost) her?"
5. "Silly ol' Chan."
6. "I know you once upon a dream" (most of the time dragging/dancing with Chan)
7. "I want to share your drink."
8. Kate have you my shoes? "Uummm... nope, sorry."
9. After taking the trash outside: "Where were you's, I wost(lost) you?"
10. "Want to watch a show(movie)?"
11. "I needs to get the ants off my teeth...see." (pointing to her teeth)
12. After getting into chap stick or lip gloss: "What do you think?" (puckering her lips)
13. Let's go get dressed. "Where are we going?"
14. When we pass by a church... there are four on the way to preschool: "I see a nursery. I need a dress, my tights, my shoes, my friends."
15. "It gark(dark) outside. I need a tubby." (running to get pajamas)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Friends Weekend!

We had a great Saturday night with our good friends and my second family, The Allen's. They came to SLC this weekend to drop Spencer off on his mission. He will be serving a service mission in Salt Lake for the next two years. He informed me that I could drop by every now & then to check to see how he's doing. But not too often. I just might have to do that. Not to be spying, but to say hello because I am so proud of him!
I was the Allen's nanny for four and half years... when they were a family with eight kids, now they have nine! Spencer was in sixth grade when I started and now he is old enough to go on a mission. Time sure does fly by!
We met up with them at Buca di Beppo in downtown Salt Lake for some yummy Italian food, dessert & great conversation. Thanks you guys for the fun night!
Elder Allen & Sommer

One fourth of the Allen's & Us!
***The Hill's invited us over for a Sunday feast, games & Birthday cake. It's always fun to laugh & make new memories with them. Thanks again friends!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh, What a Game!

Anna, my friend/cousin(we graduated H.S. together & our husbands are first cousins) invited me to her alma mater football game vs. TCU last night! We screamed, we waved our rally towels around, we jumped up and down, we hugged and high-fived perfect strangers, & we cheered the Utes on to a nail biting victory! Thanks Anna for the entertaining night... GO UTES!

...and the crowd goes wild!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted...

...yes, yes I did. After I locked the kids and myself out of the house, called Steve to ask if he could leave work to come & unlock the door, called Kate's preschool teacher to tell her we were going to be late, shivered outside for twenty minutes in the thirty- six degree weather & made small talk with the salt rock man who was filling up the ten gallon buckets because we are getting snow tonight!
But hey, I'm not complaining. Chan & I didn't wait one second in line... there was no line!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Springville Outing

We ventured out to Springville Saturday afternoon. A quaint little town located roughly twenty miles south of us and "home to one of the oldest, largest and most beautiful Museums of Art in the state." Some friends from AZ, who are originally from Orem, told us of a great place to get some real Mexican food... La Casita. And since we have a La Casita in Thatcher, Arizona, we knew we couldn't pass it up!
Afterwards, we took a dip in Springville's indoor community pool. I couldn't stop laughing the entire time we were there. I felt like I was in the Remember the Titans or Sandlot era (we should of worn our poodle skirts). Everything was classic old: chipping, rusting, humming, falling or cracking. However, a great time was had by all!
Thanks RJ & Lori... we loved it!

The original sign.

Steve & I got a kick out of the only banner hanging from the Olympians from Springville, but they are sure proud!

Lets all jump in!

Till next time... maybe?!