Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

***Halloween 2010***
Kate: Wonder Woman
Chandler: Buzz
Sage: Black Kitty
We had 4 parties this year:
1. Kate's preschool party
2. Steve's work party
3. Ward trunk or treat & soup- n- scones
4. Chill and cornbread with the Lund's

Steve's work party
70's basketball player

***Princess Fiona won the company dress up contest!***

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Disneyland & Beach - Part III

Nana & Papa joined us on our last day at Disneyland & California Adventure.

I made an autograph/ picture book for Kate so she could get all character's autographs. She ended up with 2o autographs!

This was not the "happiest place on earth" for Kate, when Chandler stole her bubble gun and was "wasting the bubbles!"

Before heading home, we stopped by Newport Beach to dip our toes in the ocean and eat lunch on the pier at Ruby's!

One of us did a little more than dipping...

but he LOVED every minute of it!

1. Mastering Disneyland
2. Riding front car with Steve on California Screamin'
3. Watching Nana Jules face on the rocking Ferris Wheel
4. Watching the kids faces with Nana & Papa
5. Watching Steve and Papa eat a huge turkey leg
6. Steve destroy us on T.S. 3 D- (140,400 points)
7. Seeing, breathing and touching the ocean
8. Eating Ruby's with the pigeons too
9. Kate saying, "bye Disneyland, see you when I'm 6!" Nice try, more like 10!
10. Hearing the kids talk about D-Land the entire drive home.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Disneyland Birthday! - Part II

*** We told Kate when she was 3 that we would go to D-Land for her 5th birthday. She talked about it for 2 years... daily! And now here we are. ***
The girls celebrated a pre-birthday lunch for Kate at Ariel's Grotto. Kate was on cloud nine while we met and dined with the princesses!

Kate woke up to streamers, balloons & party hats to start off the Birthday festivities!
Thank you grandparents, aunties & cousins for the presents.

And a call from Goofy, giving her birthday wishes on her a special day!

Papa & Nana Curtis drove to California that night and met us at Mimi's Cafe for birthday dinner & cake!

Highlights from day:

1. Kate's ear to ear smile when meeting the princess's or any character.
2. 50+ birthday wishes to Kate from Disneyland employees and perfect strangers throughout the day, since she was wearing a D-Land birthday badge. (Happy Birthday Princess!)
3. Steve and I taking advantage of the "switch pass" since Sagey couldn't ride on much and my family went home.
4. The Pixar Parade at Cal. Adventure
5. Receiving free "jump to the front of the line passes" since the Toy Story 3D ride broke while on it (I was destroying Steve by 22,000 points)
6. Chandler yelling, "that was so AWESOME," after every ride.
7. Chandler yelling "Aaarrggg Matey" a dozen times on Pirates of the Caribbean
8. Realizing our kids are getting older.
9. Spending time with Papa & Nana
10. Worn out children who fall asleep when walking back to the hotel.