Thursday, February 24, 2011


You can find baby sister with a red chapped nose from her momma wiping it all day- sitting on top of the kitchen table, island and or bar stools- dancing to music- playing peek-a-boo with herself- carrying a baby doll with her left hand, while her right thumb is stuck in her mouth and pretending she is playing on the computer.

You can find the rascal climbing inside of the fridge to get a "snack"- pretending to be a baby (human, kitty, dragon, dog, horse) by talking/ crawling /crying and sleeping in a homemade crib (laundry basket)- stuffing half of a roll of toilet paper in the toilet and asking to eat popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can find Kate with a one inch radius of lip gloss always around her lips- creating new games to play- all registered for Kindergarten- screaming "you're rude" to Chandler- making her bed every morning and practicing to become the President of the Drama Club for junior high school (lots of tears this month).

Monday, February 14, 2011


The flowers were beautiful, the message was sincere, the chocolates were divine, the dinner was not bad (I ordered the wrong thing), the movie was funny, but the company was the BEST part!

Happy Valentines... Valentine!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Kate

1. "I sure love cheese, it's one of my favorite vegetables."
2. "Mom, do you want to be a gramma in Utah or Arizona?" Probably Arizona. "Ya, I think I want to be a mom in Arizona, we could swim every day."
3. "Do you know what my favorite holiday is?" Christmas- no, Halloween- no, Easter- no. "Want me to give you a hint?" Sure. "You play jokes on people..." April Fools? "Yes, I sure love to play jokes!"
4. "When you were a little girl did you... like getting slivers, like getting shots, sleep by yourself, do your own hair, play hide-n-seek, clean your room, play with your friends, make your own lunch, paint your nails... " (It's never ending!)
5. "Do you think we can go to Texas (Texas Road House)? I really want some of those rolls with that special butter."
6. On the way to the airport to pick up Steve: "Hey mom, lets play a joke on dad and tell him I lost my voice while he was gone." Ok. "And don't tell him I'm just tricking like you always do." Ok.
7. "Can I have a drink of water with my lunch, they say it's really healthy for you?" Who's they? "The kids in my preschool class."
8. "Mom, I'm going to have two jobs when I grow up." Oh, really what? "I am going to be a doughnut baker in the morning for breakfast and a makeup makeover lady at night.
9. EVERY night after she brushes her teeth: "Do you want to smell my breath?"
10. "I wish I could be a real fairy and fly around my room and put lipstick on every day and wear fancy dresses and shoes that sparkle... (sigh) maybe some day!"

** pictures by Monica Parker.**