Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Many Firsts...

We had a lot of FIRSTS this past week. Some were bigger than others, but all important to us. Enjoy!

Our 1st Jazz game(we will always be Suns fans). Chandler slept for the first two quarters, but then...
cheered his little heart out for the second half of the game!
We found this bike at the park. Kate's 1st real bike ride with training wheels, she did great!
Kate's 1st time going #2 on the potty!(Steve said this was not bloggable, but I disagree... she was SO proud of herself)
Chan's 1st time rolling over, he was cracking himself up when he landed on his back!
Kate's 1st time taking a nap when asked to go lay down by herself. She fell asleep in the doorway of her room while holding her shoes...I'll take it!
Kate's first time seeing snow. This won't be the last.

***Steve has set up his 1st sales meetings with four companies this week(he didn't want his picture taken, but we are PROUD of him)!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

We are Thankful

Kate spent most of her time with her cousins: Greta, Owen and Bella...
the rest on this play horse!

Steve, the kids and I did not go home to AZ for Thanksgiving. I am very thankful that my Uncle Dwain and Aunt Sharon invited us to their Thanksgiving with all their kids and grand kids. We had all the traditional dishes and then some. I made our traditional Stevens pumpkin roll, which was a hit at the dessert table. We had a great time eating, talking, laughing, watching football(the men), playing games, making crafts and of course eating some more! We are very blessed to have extended family all around us. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone... we miss you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where's Sissy?

Kate had a blast when her Aunt Sissy (Shanda) came up to visit. After dropping her off at the airport Saturday night, Kate asked where here "Aunt Sissy" was over a dozen times on the way home.
While Shanda's visit here, we managed to do a little exploring at Thanksgiving Point(you can see it from our bedroom window). We met two of Shanda's dental hygiene friends and their kids at the Thanksgiving Point farm. Here are some pictures of the fun!

Our new home!

Just got done unloading and Kate got a tubbie... notice her 10pm snack of potato chips!
Dave and Jules wiped out from a long day of driving... testing out their new air mattress.
This is our family room. The hallway is basically our whole house. To the right is the kitchen. To the left is the rest of the family room and patio. Down the hall... 1st door on the left is Kate's room, 2nd door Linen closet, 3rd door Chandler's room. Straight down the middle is our bedroom, huge closet and bathroom. The doors on the right... 1st door coat closet, 2nd door the laundry room and 3rd door is the kids bathroom.
This is the rest of the family room and sliding door to the patio. Chandler is taking a snooze in the nest.
The kitchen... the door on the right is the pantry.
The laundry room. I love my new front loaders!

Steve's parents drove with us to Utah. Steve and his dad got an hour head start in the Penske moving truck while his mom and I drove with the kids in my car. At times Julie and I both wished we were driving the moving truck. After six stops(actually seven, one by the Highway Police) and purchases of gummy worms, stretchy frogs, chips, cookies, apple juice and the Cinderella and Barbie DVD...we finally caught up with them in Nephi. I drove with Steve in the Penske truck for the last hour and a half, while they followed behind.
With the help of Dave's nephew in laws and some neighbor skateboarding kids, they had the truck unpacked in an hour. Dave flew home the next day, while Julie stayed until Tuesday to help me unpack and tend the kids(THANK YOU)! My sister, Shanda flew up on Wednesday morning until Saturday to help finish all the unpacking and play with the kids too(THANK YOU)! How blessed we are with the help of ALL of our family!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Late Halloween

I am extremely late posting Halloween pictures. However, I have a good excuse...the kids and I moved into Steve's parents house on Saturday, October 27th for a week before we moved up to Utah the following Saturday. We rented our townhouse out in Chandler and needed to be out by Nov. 1st. With the help of my fabulous sisters, mom, brother, father & mother in law and brother & sister in laws it was a complete success. Our place was cleared out and sparkling on the morning of Halloween...so on Halloween night we enjoyed the festivities.
We first stopped on by the Brenchley's for yummy chicken chili soup and pictures with cousins. Then we drove to the Allen's to see their great costumes and to say goodbye. Lastly we went to my parents and let Kate trick-or-treat around the cul-da-sac. She couldn't keep her hands out of their candy bowl when they bent down to give her candy... it was some what embarrassing! It was a good thing she looked so cute. We were sad that Steve was in Utah working and couldn't be with us.